Good Timing

1) I have been flying short routes around the San Francisco region and am currently using the Cessna 208 Caravan. During my first recent trip with the 208 in Airnet Systems livery, I was taken to Hayward Executive, where upon arriving, I had the privilege of catching @hikari_chan in a FedEx MD-11 on approach into OAK, whose Runway 30 ILS takes aircraft relatively close to KHWD!

2) Flights are on the Expert Server at 23:30 Zulu, 15:30 local time or ~ 3:30. My flight took me from Buchanan Field Runway 14L to a Northwest Departure around KCCR, then through Buchanan and KOAK to right turns for Hayward’s 28L. I don’t know where FedEx 716VG originated from, but his arrival/approach was from the Northwest, over the Pacific.

3) Photos


Nice catch! I was on my flight from Auckland via Honolulu there when you caught me.