Good times on live

Talk about some good times you had on live.
For me probably this time I was up late flying a b-737 and suddenly had a delta b-747 go flying at an incredible speed passed me. Sorry I don’t have and photos but if I did I would definitely post them here.

Another one is my profile picture. 🙃

Even though it was jam packed I enjoyed this new update when the servers were packed planes taking off and landing every second and being able to capture them

One of my favorite memories was the first time I took off and landed perfectly! I taxied onto the runway lined up with the middle and took off. The flight was normal (or is now considered normal back then it was an ultra long haul for my patience 😜) and the landed was on point with flaps and speeds and gear down and spoilers.
That was the happiest day of my career as a sim pilot

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