Good time to take off

What’s a good time that YOU would recommend to take off for a ultra long haul?

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It all depends on your aircraft, weight, and rotation speed. Rotation speeds vary per aircraft weight so I’d recommend check this topic out:

If you mean what time should you depart to land in the morning, I’d look at your flight time and subtract that from about 1 hour after you’d like to wake up. Or you could depart early in the morning and land before you go to bed. All depends on your schedule and preferences.

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I think the best time to do a ultra long haul is before you sleep.

Right before bed is an excellent idea!


For example EWR to SIN whats a good one? I wanna land when I wake up ykkk

  1. Before you sleep
  2. In the morning if your day schedule is jam packed all day

Anytime after you turn your engines on, is a good time to takeoff!


Well, I’ve actually thought about doing that flight too, and it just takes a bit of math. If you wake up at 8 and want to land at 9, subtract the 9 from your flight time which gets you midnight, and then add whatevers left and that’s when you should take off during the day. (Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s how I think about it in my head.) :)


for me!
I always go during the day!

Same here. I always start mine later in the day so that I can wake up at the perfect time the next day.


I have to agree. I’ve found usually taking off from the gate is the most effective way to do this as to not waste on the ground or waiting in line for the “runway”. Unfortunately I get “Violations” or something like that please help.

Obviously this is a joke lol.


But for a serious answer just try to have an hour free after spawn and before landing. Try not to have a overnight if you can, circle art is frowned upon lol.

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For long hauls, my usual routine is

Takeoff > Sleep > Wake up > Land

I concur with the others, flying long hauls at night. Sometimes, I’ll fly a long haul or two during the day, if I need to get some work done. It will keep me from procrastinating: browsing the internet and watching movies on my device. It feels great when I knock out a bunch of stuff and come back to my device and I’m already at TOD.

Again, it’s all personal preference, but I thought I might share this since it wasn’t shared before. Do what works for you!

OK well the example was for a KEWR to WSSS flight, which takes 18hours, so you will have plenty of time to sleep and get on with your normal day.

As a guide for when I am planning a long haul flight, after working out how long it will take I then work out the time that I want to land then work backwards from that. I always plan to be awake and at the controls 1hr after take of and 1 hr before landing and in my case would plan to land at 07:00 so I set my alarm for 05:55 in order to wake up (need that coffee!) and so I would need to take off at 13:00 the day before.

hope that helps? When planning flights I take into account the length of the flight as well as what I am doing in the real world before around time I tend to take off and time that I will be landing. For that reason I normally fly long hauls of around 8-10 hours so I can take off before I go to bed and wake up an hour before TOD.

Quite literally 🤣

a good time for take-off is after getting take-off clearance

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Lmaoooo 🤣 (word limit)

No, landing clearance obviously

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get slew mode clearance firs- wait wrong sim

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