Good time to hop back on to IF?

Hi there!
Some of you may recognize me, others may not. I’m josh, I’ve been playing IF for a while. I took a break last year, and I’m wondering if now is a good time to hop back in? What’s new?


I’ll let someone else tell you what’s new but if you ask me, it is definitely worth coming back. I love it!

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20.2 is coming soon!!!

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Saw the open beta thing on my Instagram feed earlier, feels as if it was yesterday that people were asking ‘HOW TO BECOME BETA TESTER???’, and staring at those amazing Global teasers.

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Welcome back to community!!

So, here is changes.

  • VNAV added to game, it’s automatically descend you via SID/STARS.
  • B777-200ER reworked.
  • B737 have a live cockpit now.
  • Center Frequency added… Control’s aircraft under from FL180 to FL600.
    And the 20.2 is too close.

Im not sure if you know Center which was introduced in 20.1. I’d like to highlight this as it significantly changes the way we fly and communicate. I’d recommend checking out user tutorials on how to use Center as a pilot and ATC to maximize your experience.

Theres a lot of new things that came like the 777-200 and soon to be -300ER and -200F. So in short, definitely come back. Our community is growing each and every day and its great to have more people flying the Infinite skies.

You forgot about -LR version too :)

The -200LR has not been confirmed for 20.2 at this moment in time. 🙃

Anywho, welcome back @Josh_Tomaz! I sure do remember seeing ‘MAVERICK’ in the sky tons!

I’d check up on the most recent update, as well as getting used to a few new features and new ATC bits and pieces, such as a reintroduction to Center. I hope you can find yourself back in the virtual skies soon!

It must be a surprise… such as 737 :)

Hi there Coops, good to see you again. I’ll definitely need to be reintroduced into ‘society’ 😂

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Haha, #ground-school is a great place to thoroughly learn on new features!

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It’s always a good time to hop back onto IF :)

Welcome back @Josh_Tomaz! Enjoy the new things , I noticed how no one said anything about the 777 gear tilt 😍

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