Good tablet for running IF (Non-Apple)

I’m looking to buy a tablet but I can’t find anything good
Does anyone have any experience playing IF on a nonapple tablet

I had the Galaxy S2 tablet for a short time. It ran IF just fine.

im considering that right now but the price is a bit iffy for me since im only a college student

Apperently the Nvidia Shield tablet is good. The thing is they’re a little dated now…


Yea i looked into the nvidia shield but its not really worth the money now
Kinda obsolete

Nexus 9 or upcoming pixel tablets


Don`t mess with a shield… and the pixel has no LTE…

I switched away from the S2 due to no LTE, Apple had what I needed at a price that was okay.

I dont need lte
I have a phone for a reason :3

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Try the new Nokia tablet. It runs android.

Apple is the best so don’t want a Apple product your by getting the bets in my opinion, the other Android devices are fairly dated the iPad range is likely the most updated compared to all other tablets

Samsung Tab S4 runs beautifully, and for a fair price if you shop right.

I have the Nexus 9 and it is very smooth.

I’d recommend apple’s iPad Air 2, people hate on apple for their products when they shouldn’t especially the apple tablets and watches (phones and computers are a different story). I got mine soon after I started playing live and it’s awesome

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