Good Starter Camera

Hi all.
I am interested to start plane-spotting.
What are some good starter cameras that have a decent price
I’m willing to spend $500 USD, but if its really worth it, I’ll go for a max of $700 USD.

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There have been a couple topics already, with many good suggestions. Here is one to read through:

Personally, I use the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, which is technically a ‘budget’ camera, but I love it.

I saw that topic, its good and helpful, but I am looking for something a bit up to date and I have a bigger budget.

Videos or photos ?

Are you looking for a DSLR?


I don’t understand camera terminology just yet. Could you explain?

A DSLR is a mirrored camera with an interchangeable lens

I would recommend like a D3400 with an AF-P 70-300. Should be close to if not a bit more than 500

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Basically a DSLR is what you would consider a “normal” camera. On the other hand, there is a digital camera, which are usually cheaper, and much smaller. However, those camera do not take very high-quality pictures typically.

DSLR is what I am looking for.

And lenses?

For Nikon, here is what would work:

  • D3500
  • D5300

For Canon:

  • EOS Rebel SL1 or SL2
  • EOS Rebel T1000

These are only under/around 500. If you expand to 700, you will have more options.

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Camera: Canon EOS 800d
Lens: Sigma 70-200mm f/2,8 DG OS HSM Sport

Is there anywhere I can get the camera for lover than 750$?

Are you looking at kit prices(included lens etc) or just the camera/body?
Other alternatives: EOS700d, EOS750d

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Realized my dad has a Nikon D5200. Now in terms of cameras, how can I get the best resolution? And what lenses are the best?

Nikon D5200 is a good starter cam.
For good quality photos you need a good lens which takes sharp photos in low light and with built in stabilizer.

Look for lenses with f2.8 aperture, stabilizer, fast focus and focal length 70-200

Google is also your friend 🙂

Once again, sorry, but I don’t know what any of those mean haha!
Would this be what I am looking for:

I got the D-3300. You can get it on Amazon for 400€ and a nice 70-300 Zoom by Tamron for 80€. That is probably one of the cheapest setups you can have. This is a picture i have made with that setup:

If you’re really getting into photography and plane spotting, I recommend getting the “Sony a6300.”

I have it, and it’s incredible. Keep in mind that my lens costs more than the camera, and I only have a 60mm lens, so getting a 300mm lens would cost an incredible amount of money.
Though there is a a6400 out, which is the newer variant of the 6300.

Happy spotting!