Good Southern GA Airports near Florida

Hey guys it’s ur boy Aviation3 back with some more top tier questions. Today my question is, what are some nice GA airports near to Florida?

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The Bahamas to the west and the Florida Keys down south/southwest are pretty good places to explore in a GA aircraft. The views don’t disappoint!

Steveo1kinevo has flown routes in these areas, so you could use his TBM livery for fun 😉

Sweet home Alabama! Mobile has a few airports. KBFM and KMOB.

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Oooo Bahamas and Alabama! I’m on 3 hours of fuel out of Illinois so I might only make it to Alabama

*some more top tier questions that can be answered with a quick Google search rather than a topic on the forum

A simple search of your inquiry allowed me to find the page I’ve linked below. Perhaps use Google or search the forum before posting next time.

Key West (KEYW) is a nice small airport just south of Florida.

Not looking to fly in Florida tho ;) I said near Florida

Just check out the site, they have a lot of information.

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Cool thx mate

I know Huntsville isn’t GA but has long runways, longer than MDW. But KHSV is fun to fly in and out of

Marathon, which is “Florida” But not like the main state of Florida. It’s like an extension of the Bahamas

Orlando Sanford, Key West, Pensacola, and Daytona Beach are good places to start. (They’re beautiful too!)

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