Good simulator but...

Ok thank you

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Yes thank you for agreeing.

Completely understand your pain! It is tough as these controllers do try hard to control as long as possible, but a lot of us just get unlucky. :)

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Yh it does suck:( Thanks for agreeing

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IFATC’s are advised to open up a frequency for at least 1 hour in a class Bravo airport and 30 minutes in a class Charlie.The ATC team has to do with volunteers that like to spend their (free) time controlling on Expert Server. With that being said, if the time limit has passed and they have to close, they always announce in the IFATC Slack first, if someone can take or not. Secondly, if the airport is too busy, we are keeping the frequencies open until someone else can take. I know it can be frustrating some times and ofcourse the IFATC’s are not closing the frequency whenever you arrive on purpose. As being said, the featured airports should remain open for a longer period of time. My advice is to continue flying on expert in the active ATC region and if you see that the airport you are approaching at is busy, you will most likely see the airport dot turning to green:)



Ok thank you for your reply. So I can see on slack then when that are about to close???

As the above users have mentioned, IFATC control airports when they have free time. Time restrictions are in place.

With that said, come join the IFATC Team and help out in the controlling effort!

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Sounds like a feature request.


I think we should set one up for it, as many people would want it and infinite flight would hopefully listen as they are a great team!

Or just a tracking thread on the IFC where we can post if the airport is about to close.

Only the members of the IFATC team have access to this slack where they announce when they open and when they are about to close.

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Oh ok thanks for that. Means a lot

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IFATC is always accepting applicants that meet the prerequisites. Join the team and help us in the effort to keep as many airports open as we can. We are always welcoming new talent and our team is full of great instructors to help the next up and coming controllers flourish. I hope that this message will inspire the community!

Attached is the join link: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


I may have a go thanks for that !

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I think you are so right!
When you start a long flight look at airports bar in the right. Let’s say you’ll see that there are 100 arrivals in EGLL and there is an active ATC there. Most of the chances that I’m 10 hour there will be ATC in this airport.
But let’s say that you can see that in EGKK there are 90 arrivals too. Then you cannot know.

If you want to make a long flight with landing in ATC Airport just make sure it will be open. (if there are 100 arrivals in EGLL and 10 arrivals in EGKK for example).

Hope you understand and it helps

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Thank you very much for your comment. It is really annoying but at the end of the day at least there is IFATC

The only real solution is for more people to join IFATC so we can staff more. Tracking threads, etc are not going to help the problem and just create additional overhead.

The key for long flights is planning ahead. If you are doing a long haul flight overnight take a look at the schedule and see what airports are featured in the next day. Controllers will focus on the featured airports before opening others. Even with the best planning controllers cannot predict when they are signing off. Some say they will stay for an hour but end up working more. Some say they can work for two hours but after one they have to go.


Definitely the best sim out there on mobile

For long haul, I personally just plan ahead- for example: I wanted to fly from Amsterdam to Minneapolis one day on Expert. I made sure that ATC would be controlling at MSP the following day by looking at the schedule. I flew the route, woke up in the morning, and sure enough, MSP had a tower ATC when I landed. Obviously this doesn’t work all the time, however, checking the weekly schedule greatly increases the chance that you’ll have ATC at a particular airport.

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