Good Sidestick for IF?

It works with Windows, that’s what I’m on.

How do you do that

Don’t you just use liveflight?

Yeah, I use live flight. I just learned on another community article that you can only connect directly to phone on android…darn.


That’s what I thought

Dang it that sucks

It really does…it’s still not hard to do, but just less convenient. I wonder if I could somehow make my 3D be Bluetooth and if that’d work directly with IF…

Let me know if you do and if it works!

Will do. Kind of unlikely, but might as well Google it.

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After a quick Google search, I have learned this won’t work with the 3D since it doesn’t have it’s own power source I believe. It takes power from whatever it is plugged into, and so it won’t have a poet source. Darn. I’m not totally sure that the 3D doesn’t have it’s own power source, so I’ll need to check later.

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I’ve always wanted to get a sidestick for Infinite Flight.

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