Good routes without IF Pro

Im looking for some new routes to fly except I don’t have Infinite Flight pro. My favorite route right now is Kona To Honolulu but I’m looking for some other good routes. If you have any you like please comment! Thanks

Well the devs recently opened up the Socal Region to the SFO bay area, so you could go from SFO to LAX or SAN


Definitely SAN to LAX 👍🏽

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Take a look at the topic below:

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This is a hard throwback, but in the days pre-global I flew KLAX - MMTJ. Not sure if you can still do that, but it was always a short, quality flight.

LAX to SJC good route

That’s a good one I’ll definitely do

You actually can’t go from lax to sfo because the SoCal region cuts off at kedw, or so I thought.

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I thought that as well but the devs recently conjoined the SoCal Region and the San Fransisco region. It is now the biggest region in the game going as far north as KSFO and as far south as MMTJ. So it is now possible to fly from SFO to LAX without global.

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Oh sorry, the last time I was in if, it was split.

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Welcome to the community! 😃👍🏻

Here, I have some good routes to fly in the US without pro.


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