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In IF I fly a lot of routes in Europe or the USA and now I wanted to fly somewhere else in the world. What are you’re favorite routes in Africa, Asia or South America which are about 1-3 hours long? Thank you in advance for every answer.

What I usually do is check the airport information (Arrivals, Departures) through (Full Application is better) and choose a nice short haul flight, then recreate a similar flight plan through and have fun!

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Take a look here!


hong kong-bangkok (2hours)
hong kong-taipei (1h15mins)
hong kong-phuket (3 hours)
hong kong-tokyo (3h20mins)
hong kong-kuala lumpur (3h30mins)
hong kong-penang (3h20mins)
hong kong-manila (1h45mins)
hong kong-shanghai (1h20mins)
hong kong-beijing daxing/capital (3hours)
hong kong-saipan (3hours)
tokyo-taipei songshan (try this airport) (2hours)
taipei-macau (1hour 20mins)
denspasar-jakarta (55mins)
singapore-kuala lumpur (50mins)

These are the asia routes

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I can also recommend British Airways Boeing 737s Connection from Johannesburg to Cape Town!

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oceania routes

melbourne,sydney,canberra,brisbane,gold coast to perth, auckland, wellington, christchurch, queenstown

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