Good Routes To Fly

Does anybody have good routes to fly I’m always flying
the same routes over and over any good suggestions?

Here’s a good post for it.

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Ok thank you

Also fly anywhere that’s the beauty of IF:)

Fly around Iceland. It’s beautiful in-game and in real life

Suggest that you join a Virtual Airline (VA) as these will have lots of suggestions of places and routes to fly.

The VA that I am a member of has over 600 routes to fly, from Turbo Prop regionals around Australia and New Zealand to long haul internationals including one of the longest commercial flights in the world.

Lots of VAs for you to choose from operating world wide. Happy landings.

I think Cairo, Egypt And Alexandria,Egypt is the Nicest Places To travel around in IF

You should try KSEA-PAJN. It has one of the best scenery in Infinite Flight!

Thanks I’ll try that

Ethiopian 787-8 from Addis Ababa (HAAB) to Zanzibar (HTZA) or the other way around

You fly over a some rain forest, some desert, and you can spot volcanoes such as Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro to the west. The flight takes about 2 hours 40 minutes either direction.

For a good tbm route go from 89TE (Lajitas International Airport) to KDAL (Love field). You get to see big bend on takeoff and most of west Texas. So underused…

Thank you for your advice

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Anywhere in Alaska has great scenery

Try UA955. TLV-SFO. It’s a nice 14.5 hour flight that not many people fly


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Thank you 👍🏽

Alaska - glacier Bay

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