Good routes to fly

Hey I am really bored Of flying Basic rutes does any one have any good rutes with awesome scenery.Idk if it is long or short.

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Go have a look at this topic: Suggested Routes | 2019

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There are so many destinations to fly around the world, so much to explore even I haven’t seen it all since global came out. Try flying to different countries and maybe lesser known airports. Flights that I’d recommend are LEMD-FGSL in a Ceiba 77L, also for scenery have you tried ZULS-VNKT, that is beautiful, or the United island hopper. There is so much to see in IF. Doing a little research will also help find interesting routes and new places to fly :-)

Seattle to Ketchikan Alaska (PAKT)

Try flying real world cargo routes. That way you can cover a whole area of the world with one aircraft. I’ve done it and I recommend it.

I recommend RJTT-RJOO or RJTT-RJGG
Both routes you can see beautiful Mt.Fuji:)

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