Good routes out of KSLC Salt Lake City

What are some good destinations out of Salt Lake City Utah for some group flight ideas?

I know some guy use KBWI to KSLC because it’s view is beautiful

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So it would be a great idea

Or you can KASE to KSLC

Maybe KSLC-KDFW, I flew it once and i loved it!

If you’re looking for international flights, I’m pretty sure KLM operated at 787 flight to Amsterdam before COVID

There are also heaps of cool little regional flights operate out of SLC with the CRJ series, you should give one of those a go :)

One of my favorites is SLC-SGU in the Delta CRJ-200/700!

Very nice 30-45 minute hop, if you want to complete the turn, fly SLC-SGU-SLC.

Fly to Honolulu in the Delta 763 or 772, that could be fun


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Personally, I use this handy website to find routes out of certain airports. Its very useful.


You fly over the Grand Canyon

Denver and Seattle or good ones, you could also do London or Paris too.

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Kansas City is a good route you can check out my tutorial about it.

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Like @MJP_27 said, Salt Lake to Phoenix.

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