Good regional flight recommendations

Hong Kong to Taipei

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I love that flight. I actually did it yesterday and got some amazing shots!

Hohhot to Xiamen.

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My favorite Route (in Europe) is EDDK to LFKC

EDDK because its my Home base.
LFKC because the circling approach into Runway 36 is pretty cool.
This is the approach:

Heraklion - Karpathos is a very nice short hop

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SCEL - SCCI with the 787-9 :)

Jazz 8211
In the Dash 8

You get a nice view of the Rockies

I will probably do this one today

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It’s a good one! Just over an hour long

Great, thanks!

Gonna plug our database in here, some awesome regional routes of all lengths in countries like China, Russia, Yemen, Burkina Faso just to name a few! The Non-Generic Suggested Route Database 2021

Thank you ill check it out!

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what plane do you want to use

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anything that is relatively small

flying the crj family is always enjoyable

That is true I do love a Crj

Love the approach and departure … All we need is snow

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KMIA - MYYN , AA does with a crj.

look at the skywest airlines route map and the republic air route map

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