Good Planes for Grade 4

Does anyone know any good planes to fly while i’m Grade 4? Thanks- IFC-NonBinarySky

I would usually fly the Spitfire from time to time.

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Umm…it’s all up to you

You can fly any plane at any Grade, it all depends on what you want to do and where you wanna go

But if you want me to answer your question, I suggest the Q400 and A320-200


well i usually see Grade 5 people flying the Cessna planes.

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Aircraft can’t necessarily be tied to your grade, so, whatever you want! There’s no limit to the planes that you can fly, get used to and master. 😉

But if you need suggestions, I’ll say the MD-11. Nothing beats climbing at VS +5000


It’s always good to know your limitations, don’t fly in anything that you don’t feel comfortable flying or haven’t educated yourself about the aircraft. Once you pick an aircraft read up on the aircraft you are going to fly and then practice flying in it. Once you’ve mastered flying it then add it to the arsenal of aircraft that you know how to fly, and have fun. That’s the most important part.


Any plane is good. I am usually either in a Cessna, A320/321, 737-800/900 or 787-900.


Well, because there are really no limitations on which grades can fly which planes, it’s really up to you! I would suggest for grade four the A320-200 for short hops and the B773ER for your long haul flights. 🙂


Grade 5’s are probably flying it for patterns and landings to keep their grade as grade 5 takes a lot of work to get and even more to maintain.

But for grade 4 fly whatever you want.


I strongly agree with you, @trio! Nothing is worse than doing a long haul flight in an aircraft that you’re not familiar with and crashing it during flight.


You can fly any plane that you like :)
I usually fly bigger planes as i do long hauls very often, but it’s up to you what you want to fly.
Depending on what you want to do: Patterns, Long Haul flights or whatever there is planes that are specifically better for each thing.

If you want to get some landing then do some patterns with a Cessna. Or do a Ultra Long Haul with a 777-200LR?

I remember crashing like alot during grade 1 and 2. now i only got 44 violations for like speeding and stuff.

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Yep, I try to get 20 landings a week in a Cessna.

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20 landings a week or a day? >_>

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I would recommend the Citation X. And older plane in IF, but it’s great for almost any airport and can fly for a pretty long time.

Any plane that you can confidently control in most, if not all situations and weather conditions.

20 lands per week in the Cessna. I do patterns with that.

Fly with something your comfortable with.

For me it will be the A320s, the 777s, 787s, etc. I would never take planes like the 757, or A330 out of the hangar because I’m not totally comfortable flying them.

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when I’m just going to do patterns I grab whatever plane suits the airport, I try to do patterns at a smaller airfield to minimize doing patterns in a busy active airspace. Otherwise, use whatever you want. I change it up all the time.

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