Good plane to use (Newer ones)

Whats a good plane to take from PANC to KATL? I wanna use a new plane thats also in Delta fleet!

Any plane is a good plane…
It’s all on your preference. 777s or A359s, 757s or 767s, it’s up to you.

I believe the 757 is used in real life.

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Hey! I know Delta uses the B757 in real life. Not sure about any other aircraft if you want to keep it realistic though. Enjoy the flight!

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I might consider the 777 i dont wanna use the 7 5 7"

Then go ahead with the 777. We’ve told you the irl aircraft, but you are welcome to use what you want :)
If you want realism, you can go for the 757.

Exactly. That’s the beauty of Infinite Flight! You can fly realistically or you can fly however you want. There are no restrictions; you could even fly the route with a Delta callsign while operating a British Airways A380. The choice is yours and yours alone!


Please don’t do that tho😂

You can use the MD-11F fedex. PANC is huuuggge with cargo flights.

That’s mostly a Cargo route so try Cargo

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