Good plane spotting areas at KPIT

Does anyone know any good spotting locations at Pittsburgh? I might go plane spotting there tomorrow and I have no clue where to spot at. I figure that @KPIT would know some good spots.


I’ve never spotted there but it would be tricky in my opinion. I always see people stopped on the side of the road close to the drop-off areas near the 10C and 10R thresholds ( I assume waiting for friends/family to get in) but there’s definitely signs that say no stopping lol. I’ll leave this website that gives a couples recommended spots.


I’ve struggled to find a constantly good place, especially one whare you can see ground activity. The whole airport is kinda raised above the surrounding aria, and surrounded by trees from most places. And parking garages which are a common spotting place are far from the activitie here since the terminal is separated. It is a hard place to spot frankly especially without a long lense. Shots of them in the air can be achieved from various locations without a long lense, but I’d check out the link above I really can’t offer much better advice since I don’t go there much…

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Well I don’t go spotting much, I don’t have a tone of time to go out, I like the airport and follow what happens there, but I think the IFC name is a bit misleading since I kinda made it on a whim…


Same with SAT. But nothing interesting ever comes there so I spot at Austin.

I normally go to the cargo area off of the business loop on international drive, 28r is right there and you can see everyone line up, also the Ewing rd by the cemetery is good but you might get chased away

This is what you can expect to see if you go to the cargo area off of international drive


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