Good plane routes that don’t require Infinite Flight Pro

I don’t really care about the regions as long as the region doesn’t require pro then I am good

sfo-lax jbu a321 regularly done in 320 but its like the same thing

You have to have pro to fly outside the designated regions of Solo.

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Swiss A321 Milan to Zurich

Oh ok sorry for the misunderstanding I meant the regions I can fly without pro

Here’s some good ones:

Malaysia airlines 737-800 WMMK-WSSS

I obviously don’t know how money your money goes, but I just can’t stress enough how good IF Pro is. I am also poor as dirt, and I had Infinite Flight normal for over 4 years. And the reason I ended up going pro was that instead of thinking about the 10 bucks a month, think about how much you would make anyways with pro. What I do is I’ll do extra things that earn me some extra bucks each month, which ends up easily paying for it. And trust me, if you end up getting poor, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop, especially if you have had the normal version for a while

Anyways, to answer your question, a Gol 737-700 from Curitiba to Sao Paolo, either airport. And yeah, SFO to LAX or SAN is always nice in a 737-700, a321, or CRJ200.

IF normal doesn’t have the -800 sadly.

Also, just buy Pro for 1 month, that’s only 10 bucks. See if you like it! And inflation has made it cheaper…

Not sure if it’s still possible but the KLAX-KSAN-KNUC trinity is an absolute classic.

American a320

I have the same problem bro, but I have a good route. Using a bombardier, you can fly over the Hawaiian islands between 2 3D airports around 35 minutes of flight time apart (I took some photos of this in one of my daily uploads)

You can but then InfiniteFlight tries to kill you by destroying your engine

You would have to use the a321

Use fixes, and fly in circles for hours from places to place in Cali or in Hawai

But I can’t just spend my 2 months allowance on infinite flight

Oh, Im sorry. You can do some nice flights in Brazil with 737-700 GOL

It’s ok. No biggie.

You can do some flights in spain with an Iberian a321