Good Ole Maple Syrup

Took some Canadians for a joy ride around Canadia. Here are some shots from their terror fille… I mean joyous ride. Hope you enjoy!

Launching to space…

One of the flight attendants challenged me to do a barrel roll…Pfft easy breezy maple syrup squeezy

“And if you look out your left window, you’ll see your… I mean… our destination. Hope you brought swimming trunks, I sure did.”

Have more photos in the bank but I’m pretty sure corporate will be reaching out to me very soon. Don’t forget to smash the like button, comment and subscribe…


Haha, I loved the captions! Great photo, I was probably that flight attendant

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Air Canada and FAA is typing

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This pic tho 🔥 , where is it exactly (nearest airport) ? ^^
The scenery is insane, exactly what I love : lake + mountains just as here in Geneva ✨

A pity that dots appeared lol , but the pics stays cool !


Maple Syrup for All!
Anyways, I’m sure @Canadian_Aviator will enjoy these photos.


That’s near CBB7


Nice 👍 Photos Eh !….😜

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Appreciate it and probably? No denying your involvement now sir!

Correcto, good catch!

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You can’t get fired if you already quit? Right? haha

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