Good ole A320

With the new 19.3 update out changing the A319/20/21 cockpits from static to live, I am sitting here on my iPad thinking “What can be done to remember the headache of an aircraft before her live cockpit” So i went into solo and took a few pictures, of some good old static cockpit and some sunrise shots hope you enjoy:)

For those who don’t know Android got the update before IOS


Nice pictures 👍 .

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So long… static cockpit 👋🏻


Yes sir it will be missed

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07 A320. Filler

Good pictures! Goodbye static cockpit. “_”


Welcome to the community!

Yes, the static cockpit is finally gone! 😁

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It will be missed

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That looks awesome! But I know live cockpit will be better.

Really? I don’t think it will be…

How dare you😧 jk it won’t be the live is much better