Good Old Times in Stuttgart - 2013

Plane Spotting in Stuttgart - 2013

Hi all, I am not a plane spotter, however I did take photos at the airport from time to time. Today’s topic is about the good old times, when there was no trace of Corona. Stuttgart airport has one runway and is mainly active during the vacations. However, it is also used by many business people during the week. Here are a few of my most nostalgic photos from 2013, taken with my father when I was 9 years old.

Note: I know that the photo quality is not the clearest and highest resolution. However, I hope you like the photos anyway.


This Delta B767 was always the star of the day. Every morning around 10 o’clock the plane landed from Atlanta. Currently, the connection was discontinued due to Corona.


Here you see an A320 of the good old AirBerlin landed from Palma de Mallorca. It was one of the most frequent flights of the airport. Unfortunately, the airline has gone bankrupt for some time.


The Avro Jet RJ100 is simply a beautiful aircraft. I had the honor to fly with it to Zurich and I enjoyed the flight very much. The connection has been cancelled for the time being and will be operated with an A220 in the future.


For me, this livery is the most nostalgic of all. In the meantime, the airline has been renamed Eurowings and fortunately still flies to Stuttgart regularly.


This small Austrian Airlines jet (OE-LFJ) unfortunately no longer flies, but did connect Stuttgart with Vienna daily. It is a Fokker 70.

AirBerlin (2)

Here is another photo of an AirBerlin landing from Thessaloniki. The airline had a very strong presence in Stuttgart and created a big hole in the heart of the community after it disappeared.

Delta Special Livery

Delta Airlines also sent over a special livery from time to time, which I personally liked very much.


I included this photo for a reason. You can see not only the Delta B767 in takeoff roll, but also a few other airlines in the background. Among them is also the B757 of United Airlines, which had regularly connected Stuttgart with Newark. Unfortunately, this connection was completely discontinued before the Corona time. Flybe can also be recognized.

In summary, I really miss the old days and hope that normality will slowly but surely return. Flying is the most beautiful thing in the world.


Awesome pictures ! Georg-IOS

Thank you Germandroid!

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I only started plane spotting during the ‘rona so I never got to see a busy airport. Looking forward to tho!

Some would say you can’t miss what you never had…

Too bad I won’t spot such things as Air Berlin or a Swiss Avro RJ, I didn’t know anything about aviation in 2013. I wish I could go back in time to see these.

I started Planespotting in Februar 2019, since 2019 i only have extreme rare chances to see a Fokker or Avro Jet. Air Berlin is also gone, same with Germanwings… (well i got some GW A319s)

But i see the positive as well, in 10 years i can say that i spotted old and rare aircrafts, but it is still feeling sad to see pictures of Airlines or Airliners that dont take off anymore.

Nice Pictures, Stuttgart is also high on my list for a spotting trip, maybe in 2021

This Avro Jet was extremely cool, really loved it. I realised the value of this traffic way too late. It was like normal to see the airport busy every day.

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Indeed, Stuttgart has multiple spotting locations. You‘ll definitely not regret it to visit STR. Just make sure to pick a day with traffic in future :)

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Brings some old memories :)) its great photos!

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