Good Ol’ Cirrus

Today I decided to practice my hand flying in a cirrus. As I was specifically focussing on getting a nice approach and a smooth landing, the pictures in this post shall represent that.

I was flying around NSW (Sydney), in the training server with no ATC coverage.

Please enjoy 😉

What was the best photo?

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Nice! I really should get some practice in on some light aircraft too, been doing lots of long hauls recently.

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I should practice my long haul and airliner landings, cause I’ve been doing lots of light aircraft flights. 😂

That’s the truth. Well, I said it that way because @Shane said quite the opposite. 😛

Nice photos there, @Liam06, looked like a buttery or greasy landing to me! Well done!


Haha, I’ve put in 650 flight hours in the past 90 days, so maybe I should chill out for a bit and have some fun with it instead of constant hubs and heavy traffic. It’s always nice to take a break from that sometimes.


Haha, Thanks @Butter_Boi and @Shane. The light aircraft are very inspiring and fun to “go for a spin” in 😂.

I would recommend having a flight in a light aircraft, especially for those who love the big planes and international travel.