Good Night LAX

Just thought I would get a nice Photo of my landing from LHR - LAX



How did you get from LHR to LAX :)??

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I took off at LHR at morning… Flew out of the region… Ended the flight… Started a landing at LAX in the evening.

Clever :), nice photo too.

Thank you 😉

Well you have a good day. Have fun flying 😊🛫

Everyone, this is how you fly on Global for free and it works (not so amazingly though) on live unlike many other features which are Solo-only (e.g. Gear tilt, un-lowered gear landing and etc.)

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Gear tilt is not a feature on solo. It’s just a glitch.


That is a really nice shot. Did you use the free camera?

And so is un-lowered completely landing gear

Yes I did thank you

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