Good night and I will see you at Kuala Lumpur


Good evening, here I am on my way, fresh out of LFPF, going for a night flight to WMKK!

Call sign: 1F-AST Heavy
Aircraft: 772ER [Air France Livery]




So is like a group flight mate

Oh were are my manner welcome to the community

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Sorry, I was just saying a good night, this is my first flight where I sleep during it, so a bit nervous that I’m gonna oversleep or rack up violations.

oh sorry mate dont be nervous just set an alarm😀😀😀

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Hi Astreal 👋🏻

Sounds like it will be a great flight! If this is a groupflight, please let me know, and I can help you out. If not, just have a fun flight!



Hello @Astreal

Unfortunately the #live:groupflights category can only be posted by TL2 members. Just keep liking and being active in the community and you’ll get there no time!


Alarm yea, I’m looking at LiveFlight and it says an arrival of 6:30AM EST, but that doesn’t make sense, as it is a 11+ hour flight. I’m doing some calculations myself, due to arrive between 9AM - 10 AM EST.

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Not “group-flight”, just a nice message and a good night on a flight.

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hey mate why are sending this me i think you got the wrong person

It wasn’t sent to you it was the last message I clicked on and there were new replies afterwards while I was typing. Not a huge deal

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No worries

well then have a good flight oh and yeah keep your passengers safe.


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Thanks, I will.

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Enjoy! :)