Good news for the 747-8

Boeing Iran Air deal could include 747-8s.


I feel sorry for the 747 family, the 747-8 is not doing good at all and I fear this may be the start of the end for the 747s


Congrats for Boeing! 🇺🇸✈️🛩


Glad to hear that my parents’ home country can finally upgrade it’s airline.


I thought the IR deal had no 748s included? Might be my outdated info-great to hear that they’re considering the 747. May be the last hope for any pax 747s to be built at all.

There’s also a possible firming up of 10 747-8Fs from Russia but I’ll leave that for another topic.

Looking good overall for the 748 this summer


Sounds good, I like the 747-8. Even better news is that they’re revamping their whole fleet.

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It would be cool to see this happen! The 747 has found a niche as a cargo plane, but it would be cool to see another carrier use it for passengers!

A definite positive is seeing the West and Iran doing deals, that makes the world feel less divided. Maybe someday IR will fly to the US…


747-8 was announced to be the last 747 variant

At least had its days of glory :(


Soon it’ll be the A380’s downfall… Not an Airbus hater but it’s evident

If it wasn’t for Emirates and their large orders for the A388 idk where the A380 would be now…


Just look at the MD-12… Abandoned project

I´m literally so happy for that! My second flight ever was on a 747, I remember I got to visit the cockpit, it was really huge! Really happy there might be more orders. She doesn´t deserve to stop like this. So happy that Iran Air might get some -8´s. The 747 will forever be one of my favourite birds, and favourite queen. <3

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I would rather see Iran Air buy some more Airbus aircraft. The B748 is also nice though :)

Them buying Boeing would be quite a significant step in American-Iranian relationship…

Just saying :P


That’s true

Yeap just like Vietnam for the 737 MAX :)

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I believe Aeroflot was supposed to get Transaero’s ordered 748’s so there is some hope there!

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