Good news for Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-400

In a workshop we received the news from our CEO that Lufthansa is not planning with the 777-9X in 2021, moving the entry into service into 2022. The decision has therefore been made that our 5 oldest 747-400,

D-ABVO, delivered in 1996
D-ABVT, all delivered in 1997

will receive another, their 5th, D-Check this year and retirement of these 4 aircraft is now planned between 2023 - 2025 with the last 747-400 leaving the fleet in 2027.

As of now, the 747-8i will not be retired before 2040.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise from your seats, as we are now welcoming Lufthansa’s 5 oldest Queen of the skies:

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Believe or not, I was expecting something along the lines from LH to keep their 744s for a slightly longer period. Having flown their 747-400, twice, back in 2018 when they flew FRA-KIX (Now Munich-Kansai), I surely would love to fly with Old -400, Queen of the Sky again, as well her younger sister the -8i

It’s in my opinion a good choice to push back the entry of the 777X which faced issues last year and went recently on its very successful first flight. Having the 777X to be completely ready, polished and ensuring for maximum safety first, before Lufthansa decides to put it in traffic. I highly believe that the 777X, will indeed excel in its work, flying far and wide, but it’s good to see LH keeping around the Queen who has played a major roll for LH in its heavy and high-demand routes over the decades.

With the -8i still flying in the LH fleet into the 2030s, will allow many more to in this decade fly the -400 but as we head into the future also get a fantastic chance to experience the -8 and the true Jumbo Jet of the Jet Ages 🤩


Given how well Lufthansa tends to take care of their aircraft, they shouldn’t be in a hurry to replace the 744s. Nice to hear that the 748s will stay until 2040.

Everything (including the B777X delay), has their good sides, right?

Thanks for sharing thees very interesting news! Dankeschön!

Those planes don’t even look old (at least on the outside). Good for Lufty!

I’ve caught both these aircraft at DEN! Glad to see that these birds can keep coming back here, and hopefully I can fly one of them soon :)


Really a good news. I still wondering about the Lufthansa’s A343.Does Lufthansa have any plan to retire them? I don’t want to see them quit the sky🙁

Still stopping 747 service to PHL in March 😣

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