Good Morning Guatemala A Trip Report

LEMD🇪🇸 to MGGT🇬🇹 on Expert Server

Welcome to Terminal 4 at Madrid🇪🇸, I hope you packed your hiking boots, we are heading to Guatemala 🇬🇹, I arrived to the airport at 3 AM

Here our Plane awaits a 9 year old A330 delivered to Iberia in 2014

Boarding began at 5 am for our 5:30 departure

We rocketed off 14R and did a wing wave in honor of JL516🇯🇵

Last view before I fell asleep

I woke up over Hati🇭🇹 as we were turning towards Guatemala 🇬🇹

Touch down in Guatemala at 10:30 AM Local on Runway 02🇬🇹

Before I left I got to visit the cockpit

I cleared customs and left the airport with this mountain as my view

The flight took 11 hours and 47 minutes and burned 60,956 KG of Jet Fuel

Bonus Picture

Takeoff and Landing Videos

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Really nice photos :)

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Nice photos! Guatemala City [MGGT] is a fun airport to land at!

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Nice video!

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Nice photos! I like how people are slowly discovering Latin American airports. If you liked this one I recommend you try MROC or MHPR, they’re both fun to land at :)

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