Good morning departure out of greece

Hey again everyone. As I wrap up my night here in the United States, the people of greece are waking up to a thursday morning. So good morning to those in greece. Enjoy the photos

Route: LGAV → KLAX (Don’t know if it’s a real route but I just sticked with it)

Aircraft: Boeing 747-200/Olympic livery

Sever: Expert

ETA to LAX: 12hrs & 12 mins


very nice shots!🙂

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I saw your post about the wings is flapped else the sky?

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Great shots! I really wish to see Aegean go long haul like its predecessor, but I guess it’s not really their business model

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Yes. Unfortunately, since the 747 is a broken aircraft, it has to have flaps during cruise for long haul flights.

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Oh, hmm and I don’t know some else anyone flaps on Boeing 747?

It would depend on the route. Since the 747 has problems with fuel efficiency/consumption, the flaps can help stabilize the aircraft, resulting in lesser power to the engines. It would also be good to set a trim of 60%. It’s unrealistic but it works on all 747s

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Ohh, I see. I don’t use the Boeing 747 series has an issue. Interest.

Thank you! I just woke up and will go to the beach now 😉

That‘s something I would love to see too. As Aegean is part of Star Alliance with plenty of long haul operators and based in a country which mostly lives from summer season tourism it’s not a good idea to invest into long haul routes.

@ViperSlam Great pictures, lovely sunrise!