Good job at EGBB APR training server

just to say good job to “BA624” who was doing approach just now ( 2000-2100Z) on the approach channel.

However just to point out that when you instruct a speed pilots will slow down to the requested IAS but you as a controller will see the ground speed which can be up to 20kt difference. For example you where instructing me several times to not exceed 250kts, whilst I was already only going at 240kts IAS.

EASY 80 32


How was the intercept?

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Was that you? If it was, then great job, if not, then great job. FYI, I wasn’t there.

No, haha. I’m curious to see how the controller intercepted him. See if he has the skills for IFATC.

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Would def say he had the skills that could be developed for IFATC, the intercept was good as was his tracking skills as there was several of us arriving at similar time and he got us nicely seoerated to get us on to the ILS.

my only improvement was that he seemed to not know that he was seeing the GS rather than IAS for vectoring purposes.

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