Good Infinite Flight Tablet

Hi fellow pilots!
I am looking to upgrade my infinite flight experience by getting a tablet to play on rather than a mobile device. I was looking through the compatible device list and came across the Samsung Galaxy Tablet A. Would you recommend buying this tablet and if not, what are some cheap alternative compatible tablets i could look in to?


I would look for the best iPad you can afford - The sim runs super smooth on them.
You can get some good deals on 1 - 2 year old refurbished units if you don’t have the budget to buy one new.
I’m by no means an Apple fan boy, I prefer android phones to Apple phones tbh, but the iPad just seems to be that much nicer to live with than the competition.


Hello there!

Down below is a to all devices that are compatible with IF, as well as suggested settings.

Me personally I use an 8th Generation iPad, and that works perfectly.


Which model of the A did you find?

Note that the devices that run 20.3 aren’t necessarily the ones that will run 21.1, and the specs might evolve as well.

Yep, but this is the most up to date on device performance, since 21.1 hasn’t rolled to all users, and because open-beta is still unstable to certain parts, this will do for now. Once 21.1 rolls to all, and everything is stable, there will be a device compatibility for 21.1.

Besides, most other users are still using 20.3 including me, and I used this topic to find which device is best for me.

I would be happy to take this to a pm for further conversation.

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If the person is looking for a good IF tablet, they’re probably looking for the best tablet they’ll be able to play in the near future. As 20.3 is about to come to an end, it’s not necessarily the best up-to-date thread now. The poster should keep in mind that the requirements are growing and hence, if they want the best tablet balanced between budget and capacities, they’ll admittedly need to look at that thread, but also “lower” the capacity of some of them.

I’m not taking this to DMs because it’s an answer that also concerns the person who posted this topic and I’d like them to see it.

The only reason I wanna take this to pm’s is so we don’t clog this thread, the OP asked for help, I provided information on devices that are currently supported in the sim, and yes, even though 20.3 is coming close to an end, not everyone is using open-beta and not everyone is using the same device. I see a flaw in what I am saying, however we have our own opinions on what is right and what is wrong. So how about instead of further arguments, we step back and take a break from this?

Until the update rolls to everyone and it is stable, the link I provided is going to be useful, now other people can pitch in and give their suggestions, but the link above helps further the OP’s choice, and almost guaranteed the device will work just fine in 21.1.

So, from here on out, I am going to back down from this conversation and take a break. @dhilligo I hope you find what you are looking for. Goodluck and Good day!

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What I’m saying and you’re apparently not understanding is that no, a device that can run 20.3 will not necessarily run well 21.1 as the specs are evolving as the game does. The OP should consider that in their choice to buy a tablet as 21.1 is coming out in a few, unless they want a tablet that will run the game well for a short period of time, which I doubt.

A have the Tab A and it’s definitley not best experience - you can’t even beta on it.

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I use the iPad Air 3 but if you want a budget iPad/tablet I should buy the iPad 8th gen

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