Good Infinite Flight device for ~$150?

I have played Infinite flight for 3 months now, and it has been one of the best 3 months of my life. However, I have had one major handicap. My phone has a battery life so bad that I could leave it unattended for less than an hour with 90% battery and it would be dead when I came back. On top of that, having only one mobile device meant that when I wanted to go out, I couldn’t even bring my phone if I were doing a flight. Also, it lags so freaking bad that I can’t even stand it. Earlier today in EGLL (During one of the lighter hours of FNF), I nearly crashed because I was getting under 1 fps with everything on low. I am not in the best financial situation right now, so my budget is in the mid-100s. I want a tablet that can perform well with a battery life good enough that I could at least keep it by my side and not in the charger for the entire climb and descent.

I would recommend an android tablet or something then, iPads are far out of your budget. On your current device do you use limit frame rate and low power mode on the IF settings?

Unfortunately, quick-running devices cost quite a sum of money these days. Unless you buy it off a reselling website, I don’t think you can find a good tablet for that price.

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I use limit framerate and low power mode.

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I found a couple good ones, I just don’t know how they would do playing Infinite Flight.

I would suggest taking a look at this topic below. If you can find the device on there then it will give you an idea or how capable it is.


Thank you, never head of that thread.

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I am getting the Xiaomi Redmi phablet myself, not for Infinite Flight, however has better specs than my iPad, which runs Infinite Flight without lag issues. Costs around 150$ with the discount that is now there.

Can you please tell use what devices you found? We can tell you if they will run IF smoothly. ;)

You might be able to get an old iPad model for around that price. If you are willing to go a bit over, you can find the newest iPad model for $300. It is a third of the price of other new iPad models, so it might be worth considering.


For those Android users… such as few as they might be here… l have been tracking new devices and many major manufacturers are expected to markedly drop the prices for 64 bit high performance tablets either by early fall or sooner…but that was before the trade war started so time will tell if that is a definitive event !!!

I recommend the iPhone SE or IPhone 6s. I personally own the 6s and it runs very well on max graphics.

@IanD you could also buy a refurbished iPad…
They’re usually around the $450 range though

This is not quite a tablet, but it is cheap. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a costs 120€ and it can run IF amazingly. The screen is a bit bigger. The battery autonomy is Amazing, I can use him for 2 hours straight that I dont loose more than 12% (tested it).

As Xiaomi phones are ± a copy of iPhone and is WAY cheaper than apple, in China Xiaomi sells more than iPhone (in everything). The internal memory is 16gb, 2gb of ROM.

But if you are looking for a bigger phone you might wanna choose what @Ignas04 recommended. As I have the 5a version you dont have all the funcionalities the 5 does. The difference is around 30€.

I hope my experience with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a helped you to decide!

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It is slightly out of your budget, but the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017 Edition) costs around 200euros.
but it runs if okay.

I use an iPad mini 4 for infinite flight. Its the perfect size and runs really well. Out of budget though. Like mentioned, an android tablet would work, although the performance might not be too well as cheaper tablets break faster.

The only problem is that good device and 150$ doesn’t fit together. The best would be the Samsung tab s3
(Don’t know the price in US, but in EU is 500-800€)

You can just buy a Samsung tablet however I wouldn’t recommend that. I had a brand new one and when I started to use it everything’s was going fine like butter but 3 to 4 months later it was very laggy. I’m currenlty using an iPad Pro with Logitech flight yoke for infinite flight which feels like heaven. I would recommend you to save up and purchase what I did. TRUST ME. :)

Hey gear best is a good site. I got my drone off of that site. I would say low price good stuff comes from there

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