Good Holiday Travel Routes

Hey! Does anyone have any good 3–8-hour travel routes for the Winter Season?
Need more ideas lol!

Gatwick to Banjul or Dakar is a good route (TUI Airways)
Takes approx 6hrs flying Max B378
I have flown with B378 and its within the range 😎


EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) × 5 times
A380 🐳

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Any english airport-GCFV never fails to disappoint



Probably one of the most popular routes during Christmas time and takes about 5 - 6 hours.

Easy jet & TUI fly this route.

London to DFW is always very common and so is Latin American to DFW

Fly to Nord Europe, for ex FRA to OSL or ARN .

SABE-SAWH with Aerolìneas Argentinas in their B737-800. You fly above the glaciers that are next to the runway. The airport has an ILS past the glaciers, so approach should be normal.


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