Good hierarchy in experience-Aircraft standpoint

I just subscribed to live. I would prefer to have a proper experience instead of going full through an a380 at flight one. Wouldn’t this be the proper hierarchy of experience-ideal aircraft ratio:
low: Cessna aircraft, Cirrus cr22
low-moderate: Embraer E-Jets, crj200
moderate: a320, 737
moderate-high: 757, 767
high: 777, a330
very high: a340, 747 (all but 747-8)
when you are ready: a380,747-8

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What about me when i bought live after flying single player for 2 years

Your setup looks good! I love flying the Citation X! The thing is a speed demon!

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I don’t want to look like one of the many starters who use the A380 on their maiden flight on live, visible among more dedicated users who have way more experience but are on a 777-200.

Then you dont have to do that. When i got live i just got an a380 and flew around and followed instructions

@Blackbird71 Do you know of any pilots who started off with the A380? If you do, are they alive?

In real life because in if i did

Good list all around

Personally if you are going to branch from single prop to jet I would go straight to the 737-7/800 after prop as it handles like a dream!

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In real life I would certainly follow your order. But in IF… not necessarilly: for example, in Infinite Flight I find the a380 much easier to fly than a Cessna Caravan in cross-windy conditions, simply because there’s more inertia with the a380. I have no idea how these planes behave in real conditions, but I tend to find the wide bodies much more stable than the smaller planes.


From my experience the bigger jets have a slower roll and pitch movement than the little planes, Cessna and decathlon and super agile in comparison, if your not sure set the control sensitivity to low. That’s how I learned