Good Free Screen Recorders on the App Store

Does anyone know of any free screen recorders on the App store (besides Shou)?

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I’m on the same quest hommie.

I don’t think apple allows screen recording apps to be available on the app store for privacy reasons.
This is why people use Shou because it doesn’t use the App Store


Air Shou is actually very good. No virues

Only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t record the in game sound.

Can you leave a link to it?


If you have a Mac 💻, this is the solution for you:

Apple doesn’t allow any form of screen recording apps to be released on the app store…

Ok, I suppose I’ll use AirShou

That’s what I would recommend.

There isn’t one on the App Store, the next best thing is Reflector 2 for PC which allows up to 4K screen recording and it’s smooth.

Sadly it’s not free.

7 day trial, though

And if you’re really unethical, I’m sure there’s a free license key out there somewhere

I’ll try to find that free license key.

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