Good Forum Hosting for a VA

Heyo, odd question, but If anyone knows how to host a forum and wouldn’t mind helping me do it, can you send me a PM please? Thanks!

Unfortunately the IFC isn’t the same as Google.
Maybe try the latter.

That’s not what I asked for…

Thanks @HiFlyer

Can you elaborate?

I’d like one that’s smooth, web based, and is free

You mean the community forum? Whats wrong with this? Its free, fast, nice layout. I don’t think there are many good forum out there.

I’mm thinking about one for my VA.

Oh! for your va! I think you should explain it properly on title. Change them, im sure you will get some good advice.

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All the good ones are paid for, however there is Flarum. That you can find out here.

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Do you know anyone that knows how to set it up? (i suck at that kind of stuff)

Pm me, I’d be happy to help you work stuff out!