Good flights

Saw someone else doing this so uh, what’s some good non-pro flights to do and what planes do I do it with, mind you I haven’t got pro so I’m kinds limited

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I think SFO-SAN or LAX or BUR, just something down in that area

Check out this database, there are some pretty fun things on here - do note that it may be a tad outdated since some of the non-pro regions have been rearranged.

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I just landed the opposite of sfo-San, as for the other where is BUR?

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It is Burbank. Just like 20 nm north of LAX

And is recently 3d

Alright Ill try that with a sr22 or something, so far I’ve done San-lax in a caravan and San-sfo in a 321, I honestly would like to go international

Try different regions, idk what regions are free because I’ve had pro for a while

Singapore, Madrid area, Hawaii, and Sydney area are free along with the lower end of Cali, that I can find

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Try island hopping in Hawaii really fun and pretty

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