Good flights

I was looking for a nice flight to do from London tomorrow… Around 11-15hr

I recommend go to Flight Connections and check all availabe flights. Hope this helps you.

In the meantime: LHR to Lima


Thanks! Will do :)

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The best one in my opinion would be LHR to Singapore. The flight is currently still operated and doesn’t feature any long parts over just water, always giving you beautiful scenery. You’ll see deserts, mountain ranges, but also tropical rain forests, beaches, swamp areas and finally the beautifully located Singapore with its busy port that is one of the biggest in the world on final!

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On the 350 right?

Well you could fly on the Singapore Airlines A350 but also with BA’s B777, A380 and B789

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Oh ye thanks!

Oh and of course with the A380 and B77W by SIA, too

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LHR-LAX is about 11 hours
Air New Zealand
(All during regular times/non Covid)

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Done that lots but I do love it!

Yeah pretty typical route 😂

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