Good flight planing apps/websites?

Do you guys know some good apps/websites that I can use to find SIDS/STARS, flight planning, airport chats, ect. I already use skyvector, simbrief, FPLtoIF and virtual hub. I heard that foreflight is also good?


This has everything you need, although you stated you use it already.


Yeah. What about SID/STARS? And weather? Basically all the necessary informations I need for a flight. I wanna make it as realistic as possible

I am a big fan of realism so I use fr24 for callsigns and what not. I usually type the airport three letter codes (ex. LGW-ZRH) to search for options or I use the Routes sections of the fr24 desktop version.

I use navigraph for my charts. They have pretty much all the charts in the world in one convenient place. I also wouldn’t really recommend foreflight if you’re just simming and not flying irl because it is somewhat expensive

Is fr24 free?

What about weather?

To be honest weather isn’t really a big priority for me right now in the sim. Skyvector has decent weather information. You could also go on but with the current state of the sim there’s not really any point.

You can have access to limited features for free.

What features are available if I don’t pay?

What about visiting the site and seeing it yourself. It would beat anything I tell you.

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