Good flight plan maker

I want to increase my realism in my flight plans. Anyone have a good flight plan maker that can do that?



Check out FPLtoIF. It’s a great flight planner that calculates your fuel, fpl, and more!

4 Likes is probably the most realistic fpl planner there is🙂 you can make custom aircraft models with custom fuel factors etc. To get the perfect amounts of fuel.

Check out this video for an in depth planning tutorial:

Credits to @FBWFTW


To use the exact flight plan a real life aircraft would use on your route, check out (will only give you north american routes).

Another good one is simbrief, it will generate a whole flight plan for you with visible sids and stars and an interactive map too. Also gives you a bunch of other information about your flight which could be useful.

If you wanna make your own flight plan from scratch, check out skyvector. You can also paste routes into it and it will give you a big map of your flight plan. (good for ga flying, but it’s pretty much just a more accurate infinite flight map haha)

hope this helps


I was about to talk about that. I always use Skyvector or Navigraph for airways so I know the flight plans are undeniably realistic.

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navigraph is a good one too, I might upgrade my subscription, thanks for reminding me haha. currently i only use it for the latest airrac

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Thanks so much!

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I always use this website.

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I use skyvector and navigraph for SID/STARs (navigraph is like half the price of IF, so just search up charts instead)
Personally, I also wrote a script to overlay flightaware KML data on skyvector so that’s pretty cool

But isn’t it not allowed to use Skyvector for non-real life operations?

That’s literally the point. Little to no aviation apps and sites say that they are meant for real life navigational purposes.

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