Good Dynamics and Improvments to aircraft

I think IF has recently added many new airports/regions (Hawaii) and already have a lot of liveries. And people only fly on only 3 of all the regions. We have a lot of dead regions and don’t need more!!! I think we should shift our focus more toward airplane dynamics and improvements. Such as working instruments. Such as the altitude speed and gyroscope and maybe even navigation. Other moble sims have this such as X-Plane, extreme landings and Aerofly 2, so we know it’s possible. Of course those sims don’t have nearly as many planes and liveries and no live and much worse graffics. Working instruments would add a major element of realism into the flight. Good jobs devs! Keep developing:)


I agree alot of people adk for regions .But regions we have now are like ghost towns. Nobody flys arpund there


If you want a new region fly in Seattle I bet they haven’t even flown there!

Besides SoCal and San Fran, what is the other well-populated region?

Were Denver, Sydney, Seattle, etc. even added based on popularity or did the devs want them added?

Although it may not be evident in live, I am sure that every region has its own fanbase, at least in solo mode. One problem is that since there is seemingly far more people interested in Californian regions, more people tend to go there because it has more traffic making it funner and more realistic. After all, if you purchased live to fly with other people, why fly in your favorite region if it is only you and/or someone else flying there ;)?


I always fly in the dead regions and hope that other people follow my lead, (they never do), that’s said I’m in no way against the addition of more aircraft and liveries to the game because if you’ve ever done ATC in playground you’ll notice that in a short space of time you will see most people use all different planes and liveries and it is in no way like regions, where everyone flocks to the same one. Also many people haven’t had their favourite planes added yet, for example anyone who is interested in turbo props or Russian aircraft has been left with few options. Anyone interested in GA aircraft have only the Cessna 172 and cirrus available to them, and finally anyone who likes rear mounted jets only have the bombardier crj 200 and the Cessna citation. So while IF do have a lot of popular aircraft they are also missing out on aircraft which fall into the categories above the same applies to those who desperately want an African region (seriously search the features category loads of people suggest it😄)

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That’s interesting that people are flying there because other people are. Supporting that we have too many regions going to waste we have too few people flying at once for all of these regions, and I think the majority fly on live mostly.

Yes definitely understand what you’re saying! But our developers can only do sooo much! So I think we should stop making more airplanes for a short while so we can focus on making the quality better. Not that the quality is bad it’s amazing but has sooo much more potential!

San Francisco?
It’s always empty during the European shift.
I would say SoCal, SIN & KUL and London.

Just to be clear I’m not saying loads of people have no planes they like but there still a lot of people (probably most but I’m not sure and could be completely wrong😄) whose favourite aircraft (or even livery) is not available. I can see your point though @Carson

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We are never going to please everybody but I do understand why everyone is requesting

Just an added point if we stop sending livery and aircraft requests in there will be no reason for a features section

Yea but that’s a minor issue

I suppose😄

I’m not saying you can’t. You can do whatever the hell you please but I’m just saying that there haven’t been many aircraft improvements in a while. @Rotate @divebuddha

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I’ve always wondered why regions like New York,Chicago,Florida aren’t full of people flying in them…in IFFG/IFWP aren’t there thousands of members…so where are they then…