Good Device Switch?

Hi there! There was just a quick question that I have that is probably common. I have a IPad Air 2 and it runs Infinite Flight smoothly. However, when im in a airport that has multiple people/users there, my game runs for 1-2 mins, and all of the sudden crashes. I’ve looked at other topics and have tried everything, so instead I’m planning to buy a new device to run IF. I was wondering if and IPad Air 4 or anything like that would be a good switch?

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As tech improves so will the newer devices. The Air 4 version is probably more powerful since it’s newer and can withstand the demand. My iPad Air 2 works fine around traffic. You may have to lower your aircraft count. I had this issue during the 20.1 update and that fixed it completely for me.

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Hello infiniteflight_17. Interesting. I’m a little bit of a noob at this (lol), but how exactly do you lower the aircraft count?

Hi there! No worries at all. Go ahead and enter your in app settings > The Live Section in settings > Airplane count

You can toggle the aircraft count there to how you want it to reflect during your in game experience. Hope I helped. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. :)


I also use an Air 2 and like @infiniteflight_17 said lower the airplane count and it works fine. Good luck!

Thanks! Do you suggest it to be low? I was on medium.

Along with what @infiniteflight_17 said, I might recommend that you check this thread about what settings are good for certain devices. Even if you are looking for another iPad. Hope all goes well and welcome!


I run IF on an IPad mini2 and have the same problem (duh it’s an iPad mini 2) But just put plane count on low to none, with that I have done 12h+ flights.

Hey there PilotSD, you can reduce your airplane count by going into settings and then further into the Live section and then choosing the appropriate airplane count you want for your flights (you can find the airplane count option in that section)

You should change devices ASAP though because that one won’t run IF or anything else for much longer.

I play on the IPad Air 2, may I ask how long you’ve been playing infinite flight for

I agree with this, but OP doesn’t have to change devices ASAP as the iPad Air 2 will still be supported for another year. However, he should definitely consider upgrading to a newer device.

@AviatorKnight, an iPad Air 3 is a good choice at this time. However, if you want to wait for a newer iPad, wait till the end of the year or in the spring of next year. I heard new iPads are dropping later this year and next spring. For now, just lower your airplane count and/or graphics. Make sure “Limit Frame Rate” is on. Make sure no apps are running in the background while flying. After every flight, I restart my device for a minute. I heard this helps with performance.

What is OP?

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