Good cruising speed for B737-900

Ima fly LAX to DTW and need a good cruise speed ( in Mach ) ima be cruising at 36000

Help? Thanks !

Ps airplane is 737-900

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Mach 0.785 is average, so you can do Mach 0.78 or 0.79.


I typically cruise at anywhere from 0.78-0.80 in the 737 series.


Anywhere between M.77 and M.81 shall be fine.

And also, since you are flying east please choose an odd altitude (FL350)


Alrighty! 35,000, C-HRIS!

Cruise at 35,000 or 37,000 at .78 or .79, usually what 737s do and what I do.

M. 78 for the 737 and A320 family for me

To add on to the other answers, Mach 0.78-0.79 is about 290-295 knots.

stumbled across this topic. Hope it helps for future references too.

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Mainly depends on your cost index - if its high at around 200, you’ll probably be cruising near the limit at around .81. If its low, you might be all the way down at .77 or .76.

  1. Your altitude should be odd while flying east.
  2. Speed should be Mach 0.78

I think we have had enough answers, no need to repeat what’s said 🙃


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