Good cruising altitude (MMTJ to KLAX)?

Hey guys I just wanted to know… What’s a good crusing altitude if I’m going from MMTJ to KLAX? I usually fly at 15,000ft… I’ve tried going higher but my speed starts to slow down… (This happens to me on an a319, 777-200, and a others! Please tell me thanks

Generally, Commercial aircraft cruise between FL310 (31000ft) and FL380+. Because in the world that route is quite short, 15000ft is probably good.

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That’s a good altitude in my opinion. However you should be able to go up to 25,000 with no issue if you wanted to. Just decrease your climb rate (climb slower) (decrease FPM rate) and increase your power (throttle) and then you can go much higher.

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Also the reason why the speed slows down is becouse at high altidude the air in thin and the aircraft needs more power


I used 20000ft last time I made that route.

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I would use that on this route if my flight plan was a big semi-circle; wouldn’t work for a shorter distance flight plan to the same airport. Consider that also:)


Oh now I understand! So il make my cruise to 25,000 (il have to decent way earlier tho)

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Yeah, or make a longer distance flight plan to the same airport. Instead of a direct route etc. To give more time to descend and climb.

I think I went up to 26000ft when I took off from runway 25R and made a huge route so as to get into an straight approach to MMTJ´s ILS.


Ahhhh that’s makes sence! More time in the air!

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I then realized that I could make a half moon going through Baja California. It took me 30 minutes rather than an hour.


In real world the cruise altitude between SAN and LAX is 11.000 ft, since Tijuana isn’t that further I would recommend 11.000 ft also for that route.


Oh but why so low??

It’s not that low… They stay at cruise altitude for just 10 minutes.


Why won’t you people fly high?? 😂😂
Every flight I do is between 30000-45000ft
And yes you can fit that altitude into that route

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What plane you use my friend ?

Because I don´t have enough space to flight so high. Maybe to 30000ft, but never to 45000ft.

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I think in real life you’d fly around 11,000

If your in the Cessna Citation X then 45,000 may be fine, but for a commercial aircraft that would be hard. As soon as you reach cruising altitude you would have to descend.

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