Good Controller on training server

I was On TS at egll…the controller sounded alright to rest of them but I got trolled all the way to runway. Whoever you are, good job! No but*hurt, hope it’s one off 😂😂


Why can’t we see their username. I would like to add them to the list of who to avoid.


😂very true

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I sent msg to Chris. I didn’t know about this cheap ops farming tricks, not happy now :(


When you said good controller I was very curious to know who it was, but then I realized that it was not a good controller just someone who made a mess.🤦‍♂️


@GatwickGuy You should’ve trolled him back by tuning out of his frequency.

Bad idea. That only adds fuel to the fire. Besides, you’ll likely have it thrown in your face with a bunch of on guards after you tune out.

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