Good cheap tablet for IF?

I want a tablet for under $75 expressly for the purpose of IF. IF is literally all I want it for, this way I can do flights without giving up use of my phone for the duration. As long as it performs well on IF and is cheap, it meets the requirements. Any suggestions?

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Check here! :)

I personally use the Mini 4 fairy low on cost…

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Hate to say it, but I looked at a lot of tablets befor buying the mini, and I don’t think this is possible for this price…


I have found a tablet that I think might work Link. I don’t know for sure if it works but it is $70 so.

Tablets like those are mostly used for Browsing the web, playing music, and basic tasks. I doubt it will be able to handle Infinite Flight, or even download it. Unless your the type of guy that doesn’t mind the lowest graphic settings and not going to populated airports, I would advise to save up a bit more money to invest in something more reliable.

There are pretty tight minimums for device compatibility now, IDK on android but 99% that device is not one…

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And also it has 8GB of memory, let’s pencil down a clean android with 3 and it still can’t hold IF with all aircraft downloaded…


I am pretty sure the only option is to raise your budget, at least to 3-4 Hundred if you really want a good run…


Well, thanks for the help guys, guess I won’t be getting a tablet for a while :-(

IF needs 2gig RAM, correct?
Most inexpensive tablets have 1gig RAM.
I bought Nvidia 2gig RAM for $200.
Fusion5 makes a 1gig RAM with a 10" screen, but I sent ,mine back. ($129?) Does have an HDMI port for pulgging into TV.

Refer to this:

I’d suggest apple’s new “iPad” (literally just called iPad) because it is quite inexpensive for an Apple product and is very fast. (If you’re willing to spend a bit more than $75)