Good cameras for aviation photography

Hello IFC,
I don’t know what category to put this in but does anyone know any good cameras that can are or can be used for planespotting?

Canon rebel t7i or t6i good cameras for a reasonable price. Also a good lens is a canon 55-250 mm


what sort of budget are you looking at? DSLR or compact camera?

you can pick up a entry level DSLR Canon EOS 1500D for example for prob around $500 can throw a 300mm lens on etc…

all depends on how much you want to spend?

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Ok thank you I will look for some

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T4i 75-300mm lens.

This is one of my best shots with it. Although my camera is 5 years old.

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I highly recommend the T6 or T7i. Great cameras that are not expensive to buy. If you want to spend more, I like the 70D and 5D mark IV. Not a Nikon guy so I can’t suggest any Nikon products. For lenses, a 55-250 or 75-300 are great if you are not looking to spend much. All up to how much you want to spend. Keep in mind you can always rent cameras and lenses as well. I’ve done it before and it does the job when you need it :)

This is an example of what my T6i can do + editing.


If you are looking for a compact camera, which are useful for travel as they are easy to take out whenever you need them, I recommend the Canon SX 740 HS.

Example photo

Will come soon

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