Good camera angles to record timelapses

What are good camera views to record time-lapses? The reason why, is that I’m looking to change the format of how I record my flights (especially ones which involve long stretches of water) since I’m always using the tail cam.

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As long as it shows a good portion of the ground, it will be good. I normally do some of the various cockpit views or external mounted views

I always love a good o’l wing view. Always nice to feel like a passenger!


Tail view never disappoints.

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I say get creative. It depends on what your videos contain. For example, I do flight control checks because realism. In a lot of my Flightlapses, I show my pre-flight preparations using different creative camera views. The free cam is epic for this.

During the flight, a good wing view or something that shows some of the ground is always a good idea.

Here’s an example. Something also to do is to show off your takeoff and landing and maybe add realistic sounds if you want.


I know it might just be me but I love a tail view for a time-lapse, they never disappoint :)

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