Good bye 2021, Hello 2022!

As January 1st draws to a close (at least for me), I thought I should take some time to share my thoughts.

  1. The IFC has been pretty negative recently. I’d appreciate and I think everyone else will too if everyone here could set a goal of being more positive this year. Positivity is always appreciate while negativity is frowned upon.
  2. Infinite Flight is almost 11 years old. I’ve only been playing IF for 3 years but in that time I’ve both hated it, and loved it. We all have our ups and downs but positivity brings us through it.
  3. Optimism. This word can be used in any situation you can think of. Maybe, you didn’t want the E variant to get added for the F/A-18. But, if you are optimistic then you believe there is a chance for the variant you want to be added in the future.
  4. Change. This has happened a lot recently. Infinite Flight has changed, the world is constantly changing, heck, our lives our changing at this very moment. We need to learn to live with change. We may not appreciate change, we may even hate it at points. However, positivity and optimism can help us cope with change.

Finally, I thought I would close the topic out with the final Sunset of 2021 for me.

I wish everyone a safe and wonderful 2022 and that we all remember to be positive and optimistic!


Agree with all your points and well written @Zhopkins! To a more positive 2022! 🥂

although I’m not allowed to drink alcohol yet


Thanks Tuna! Maybe some day. 😉


This is true. I believe that it is something that has to be brought to everyone’s attention, and this is not impossible to fix; for example we could stop calling out on users in public threads and take it to a PM, that way misunderstandings are less likely to happen due to lack of involvement from many other community members (which usually complicates the situation), which is definitely a good thing both for you and the person you’re talking to because the issue you’re facing will be solved much quicker. They also won’t be ashamed of what they’ve done, unlike when being called out publicly.

Another problem within this community that leads to negatively is excessive flagging and specifically targeting users. These two are sometimes interlinked; and we should do what we can to stop this just because it’s unfair for them. Trust level targeting is also something I’ve seen; people treat others with a lower trust level with less respect than they deserve. I am not pointing out specifically who did what here, but there have been instances of TL3s engaging in similar activities that I know of. This definitely has to stop in order to turn the tide on negativity.

For a better and more positive 2022.


Nice to know that you agree!

Well said @Zhopkins - partly the reason I’ve become less active here is because I’m tired of seeing the constant negativity (especially on vote announcements, etc…) here and on social media.

There’s always people complaining about “When is XXX feature going to be added - it’s easy, it’s taking ages, etc….” and I scream internally for these people to appreciate what we have.


Thank you so much! I completely agree with what you said. The IFC isn’t what I remember it being in the past.


Nice picture , very relaxing.


Thank you!

Took this tonight.

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