Good bye 2020! VNKT-VIDP

The 2020 is over soon, so today I draw 2020 in the sky!
Enjoy your flight and Happy New Year:)

Server : Expert

Time : from 30DEC20 / 2348Z to 31DEC20 / 0759Z

Flight time : 7h53m


Aircraft : Boeing 777-300ER British Airways

Call sign : Speedbird 2020

Flight plan : VNKT DARKE1A NARAN 2800N/08400E 2800N/08200E 2400N/08200E 2400N/08400E 2800N/08400E 2800N/08200E 2400N/08200E 2400N/08100E 2400N/07900E 2600N/07900E 2600N/08100E 2800N/08100E 2800N/07900E 2800N/07800E 2400N/07800E 2400N/07600E 2800N/07600E 2800N/07800E 2400N/07800E 2400N/07600E 2400N/07500E 2400N/07300E 2600N/07300E 2600N/07500E 2800N/07500E 2800N/07300E IGINO IGIN5L ILS28 VIDP

Flight track by Map-Flight

Taking off from VNKT RWY02!

Crusing over India

Landing at foggy VIDP RWY28


Awesome creative FPLπŸ‘Œ

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Saw you flying it! Looks fantastic!

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Should be 2021 since we are welcoming 2021 & let’s hope it will be a much better year than the awful dreadful 2020

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Nice flight plan! Great shots also

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Yeah i saw you on infinite flight tracker. I even clicked a screenshot of your fpl. Great work man and happy new year!πŸ‘πŸ˜

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Thanks! :)
Happy new year and stay healthy!

Really!? Thanks 😊
Happy new year and stay healthy!

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Thank you!
Happy new year and stay healthy:)

Wow! Thanks for great screenshot!
Happy new year and stay healthy man! :)